pale machine [MARU​-​123]

by bo en

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intro 00:35
miss you 03:22
think how the time has gone somehow i'm alone and I always said これから一所懸命頑張ります taking my time with you it's all I will do so i'll always say これから一所懸命頑張ります I love you and I don't have a thing to say
問題があるんだね (feelings are so) ドキドキ怖そうだね (and now today is yesterday) 何しましょうかな 聞いて聞いて as I say 困ったら 思い出 について 思って いつでも 大丈夫ね 安心して my love you're gonna be okay 人生は今だけので 一瞬一瞬を楽しんで 良いと悪いは同じじゃん お手を上げて笑って
every day 02:32
毎日散歩する欲しいな でも洞窟にいる after all, there's something perfectly clear in this life you must endure stick with me, you'll find your purpose is near and it's far, it won't matter anymore
friend 02:53
トモダチmake my dreams come true この感じめちゃまごまご and you've never even felt this way before, I know トモダチmake my dreams come true この感じめちゃまごまご on the boundary between me and you some fluidity shapes me through and through friends that I adore, just a mirror for me to feel alright lonely resource, illuminate the night show me something that you can do I'll enjoy myself, I'll be eating you
winter valentine ひさしぶり (空から降ってる) I feel you, you feel me (love you all the time) but you melt and you leave (winter valentine) so I fall back to sleep (dreaming of the time)
pale machine 04:37
I'm feeling good let's say my emptiness has gone away I just woke up today eat my corny flakes for you good morning, how's the weather dear? my feelings are so clear I just wanna be with you doing what you do always show me how to live 判で押したように just a perfect life まんまるまんまる pleasure in every move we make 判で押したように perfect every time まんまるまんまる 毎回 will you lead me straight to paradise? will you feed me? everything is nice here 感じがいっぱい 雨が降りたいでしょ hold me, I'm a pale machine life is just OK out here anyone can see I'm lonely, with my pale machine eyes will run with tired tears living like a dream I'm born anew my fingers push the buttons thoughts come through now 赤ちゃんみたい ママさまがいっぱいでしょ
my time 05:13
close your eyes, you'll be here soon 一二三四五分 時々本当に寝たい でもこのワードできない おやすみ おやすみ、おやすみ close your eyes and you'll leave this dream おやすみ、おやすみ I know that it's hard to do days go by, しょうがない, moments pass, shattered glass, hands of time, where's that chime? In my head, I'll just hands of time will wring my neck, every little moment spells regret but i don't have to feel this way as a voice inside my head おやすみ



released September 6, 2013

track 3 with Avec Avec
track 6 with mus.hiba
artwork by alex van dorp


all rights reserved



bo en London, UK

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